STRIVE Releases 2017 Annual Report

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STRIVE featured in strada institute and Entangled solutions report

The Strada Institute for the Future of Work and Entangle Solutions released a report in January 2019 about an emerging category of career “on-ramp” programs which boost skills, employability, and earnings for adults without a degree who earn less than $25,000 per year.

Our Mission is to help people acquire the life-changing skills and attitudes needed to overcome challenging circumstances, find sustained employment, and become valuable contributors to their families, their employers, and their communities.

32 million adults are jobless or working at wages that can’t support them or their families. The nation’s poorest are being left out of economic growth, intensifying the negative impact of poverty and hoplessness in those communities.

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There is a growing skills gap in the workforce. The job market has been changing rapidly. New technologies require that workers have more skills and companies are challenged to hire a skilled workforce. Workers need help to get jobs with growth opportunity, building America’s workforce and economy.

53% of jobs need employees with skills beyond high school but not a four-year degree. Yet the labor market is only producing 43% of the need.

STRIVE closes the opportunity gap.

Our results are proven. STRIVE helps a population seeking a better life acquire the skills and attitudes they need to find sustained employment. The majority of people who walk through our doors have no source of income, yet the majority of graduates go on to gain meaningful employment and achieve economic self-sufficiency.

STRIVE has a 35-year track record of serving people who face the greatest obstacles to employment.

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More than a job

As the economy has shifted, STRIVE has continued to refine our model in order to equip our students with the skills they need to not just get a job, but to obtain employment with career growth opportunities. STRIVE trains men and women in skills that employers need and that meet the demands of today’s workforce.

Our model is a solution that works.

STRIVE developed our proprietary, 5-pillar workforce model in New York and has continuously fine-tuned this model, gaining national recognition for our high job placement and retention. We achieve that difficult goal by teaching people the culture of work and the interpersonal skills they need to succeed in any job environment.

STRIVE spent decades scaling porgramming with partners across the nation and developing expertise in successful program replication.

A unique attitudinal approach: One of the “secrets” of STRIVE’s success is our focus on attitude. Before individuals receive occupational skills training, all participants must enroll in job readiness training that instills the attitudes and behaviors people need for success in work and in life.

Long-term, wraparound support: For our participants, STRIVE represents support, delivered through comprehensive wraparound services designed to address personal barriers that prevent career growth. Even after graduates find employment, STRIVE continues its long-term commitment to the lifetime success of our graduates.

STRIVE’s approach is transformational, not transactional: It takes a comprehensive, holistic, personalized commitment to help each student succeed. When the student is transformed and excelling at work, their families and communities thrive as a result.


For prospective students: To learn more about participating in STRIVE’s programs, email us at or call (212) 360-1100.

All other inquiries: Email or call (212) 360-1100.

STRIVE is located at: 205 East 122nd Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10035 (Note that the entrance is on 3rd Avenue).