STRIVE New York is the original STRIVE site and has been operating since 1984 in East Harlem. We have an unparalleled record of preparing New Yorkers for living wage jobs while also building a skilled workforce for growing companies. Over the past decade, STRIVE New York has grown, adding targeted programming to serve the most disconnected populations.

To register for a STRIVE New York program, attend an information session or call (212)360-1100. Information sessions are held every Monday and Tuesday at 10 AM in STRIVE's East Harlem headquarters, at 205 E. 122nd Street, 3rd floor. Note that STRIVE New York's entrance is on 3rd Ave, between E. 122nd and E. 123rd.

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STRIVE's signature 4-week job readiness workshop prepararing participants for the responsibilities of the workplace and the process of attaining employment, followed by 6 weeks of sector-based skills training in Construction & Maintenance or Health & Office Operations, resulting in industry-recognized certifications.

Subsidized 8-week internships at employer partners for all youth graduated (18-24). Includes a weekly "30 Ways to Shine" workshop on Fridays, hosted at STRIVE.

Job Placement & Replacement
STRIVE graduates are given a lifetime guarantee of services.

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Evening Workshops
Workshops are open to all STRIVE graduates on topics including Financial Literacy ,College Exploration, Customer Service Training, and CPR/First Aid.

MOVE UP: Career Advancement Training
Advanced skills and supervisory training for workers who have retained their job for 6+ months and seek to advance along a career pathway.


Strong Fathers, Stronger Families
3-week curriculum open to all parents (men and women) that includes economic stability, responsible parenting, and healthy relationships, followed by job training and placement.

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STRIVE Future Leaders
A program for youth aged 18-24 who have been touched by the court/justice system. The program provides training and support to position at-risk youth on a positive path and help them succeed in the labor market.